Friday, April 11, 2008

Cash forGold Offers Huge Payouts to Americans During Economic Decline

Americans affected by the recent economic downturn are selling their old, unwanted or broken gold jewelry to in exchange for enormous payouts.

"Customers are sending in material valued anywhere from fifty dollars to more than five thousand dollars," says Norm Schneider, President of

"We had one woman tell us she used the money to book a trip to Hawaii to see her son for the first time in five years... it felt great to provide her with that opportunity." is an innovative website that makes it easy for the public to sell their used, unwanted or broken gold jewelry or silver material for a "higher price than any of their competitors Guaranteed."

In a recent interview, Schneider explained that his company has seen a recent spike in large payouts due to the latest boom in gold and silver markets. "Americans realize that with the market being so high there's no reason to hold on to jewelry that would otherwise just be collecting dust." Schneider went on to add, "Our country is currently under a lot of economic pressure... people are selling their unwanted jewelry because they need cash."

Cash for Gold USA's process is simple and streamlined.Consumers request a "FREE GOLDPAK" (a pre-paid, secured and insured envelope) by calling 1-888-GOLD-808 (465-3808) or by visiting their website and filling out a Request Form for a GOLDPAK. The GOLDPAK is used to mail in the gold material.

Within 24 hours of receiving your GOLDPAK, a check will be in the mail, on its way to your preferred address. also offers electronic payments through PayPal for consumers who need cash the same day and they have a Spanish version of their website for Spanish-speaking consumers

They also recently launched an affiliate program, that offers cash to consumers looking to sell unwanted silver items such as Sterling Silver Jewelry, Silver Bars, Sterling Silver Flatware and Serving Pieces, and anything else bearing the silver hallmark.
For additional information regarding the Cash for Gold USA program or to request a FREE GOLDPAK in order to sell your used, unwanted or broken gold jewelry visit or call 1-888-465-3808. If you would like to learn more about Cash for Silver USA or Cash for Gold USA visit

About & and are both public programs funded by CJ Environmental, Inc. Their services include Precious Metal Scrap Refining, Electronic Scrap Refining as well as Dental Scrap Refining.


Ghanshyam said...

"Cash forGold Offers Huge Payouts to Americans During Economic Decline" this is now rocking offer for us.

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Michelle Custodio said...

Many are now earning cash for silver.