Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hadar Company Founder Weighs In on Skyrocketing Metal Prices

Today, Hadar is a worldwide supplier of Russian Brilliants, natural diamonds and synthetic stones and was founded in the year 2000.The Company specializes in ideal cut stones and has clients on five continents. Hadar is a full service jewelry provider, offering custom designs, contract manufacturing and jewelry repair services, all at competitive prices.

Gerry Hauser, founder of Hadar Company, advises consumers to buy jewelry only made in the U.S. these days, in light of skyrocketing precious metal prices. In addition to being founder and president of Hadar Company, Hauser also co-founded La Jolla Diamond Co. and Heritage Estate Buyers, Inc. and is recognized as an authority on diamonds and diamond simulants.

"The price for gold continues to climb to new highs, increasing from $600 to $985 an ounce," says Hauser, "and platinum values have risen from $1,100 to $2,260 -- all in the past year. Price proliferations are fueled by international demand for jewelry and investors hedging against inflation."

To compensate for the higher metal prices, Hauser says many competing companies sell rings manufactured in China. Most 14KW rings are high polished nickel over white gold and 'flash' rhodium plated. Initially, the ring will appear very shiny. This appeal can last for three to six months. Hauser says nickel over white gold can produce an allergic reaction and can potentially cause lung damage.

"These rings are outlawed for sale in most of Europe," says Hauser. "Sizing is another issue. Flame used in sizing burns the nickel. The ring will turn black. Some platinum rings manufactured in China have hollow sections or are platinum plated over silver."

Hadar continues to offer engagement rings and other jewelry items manufactured only in the U.S. Hadar does not compromise quality to compensate for the rising cost of gold and platinum. In the previous twelve months, Hadar cut internal costs to maintain stable pricing.

To further aid consumers, Hadar has implemented an Easy Pay Plan. The Easy Pay Plan allows consumers to lock in the price at the time of purchase. Buyers will not pay more because of increased metal prices. Consumers can purchase loose stones or jewelry set in the metal of their choice with a 20% deposit / monthly payments / no interest / no credit checks. Now customers can design their own ring and payment plan. For more information, please visit and

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