Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Breakthrough Makes Hand Polishing At 200x Magnification Possible

Diamond manufacturers Overseas Diamonds, who market isee2 super ideal cut diamonds, has announced a technology breakthrough that makes it possible for the first time to cut and hand polish diamonds at a 200x magnification.

Utilizing high-definition imaging and proprietary tools at the cutting wheel, the new technology reveals aspects of the diamond’s polish that are otherwise hard to detect or that might be missed as they are hand-cut by the craftsman.

As a result, the technology enables the accurate placement of facets, with each sized and polished to a level of perfection not possible before.

“In researching existing systems, isee2 diamond engineers found that when pushed to the current limits of 100x magnification, the image quality that resulted did not provide sufficient detail or definition to meet their specifications,” says Joseph Srodawa, managing director of Overseas Diamonds in the U.S.

Srodawa says isee2 diamonds cut and polished using the new 200x magnification technology will become available to retailers beginning June 2008, with full implementation by September 2008.

Launched in 2002, isee2 diamonds provide a “Birth Certificate” that tracks the diamond from mine to purchaser.

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