Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New GemeFancy identifies diamond color

GemeWizard Inc. is offering a free three-month trial of its new color-assessment program for fancy-colored diamonds, GemeFancy.

According to a release from GemeWizard, GemeFancy is a color-assessing and communication application that allows users to accurately identify, describe and communicate all the colors visible in fancy-colored diamonds, and to place them within the Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) Fancy Diamond color range.

The new system identifies a total of 27 main hues, each of which is modified into 36-42 fancy grades and other color descriptions. The images are described using the standard GIA terminology and GemeWizard's alphanumeric color code.

The system then creates an e-mail message that allows the color information to be transferred to a third party.

Menahem Sevdermish, GemeWizard's founder and developer, said the goal of the new system is to provide anybody handling fancy-colored diamonds a common language with which to communicate hue information.

"By creating the GemeFancy, we have provided the industry with tools to make this dream of a common color language a reality," he said.

The free three-month trial period began on May 5. To access the free trial for three months with no obligations, visit Gemewizard.com/FancySquare.

GemeWizard, a provider of software and hardware for professionals in the colored-gemstone, fancy-colored diamond and jewelry industries, offers an entire suite of colored-diamond identification products, called GemeSquare. The system allows users to describe a gem's color more accurately and to communicate the information to other professionals who are not GemeWizard users.

GemeWizard is slated to display at a booth at the upcoming JCK Las Vegas jewelry show.

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