Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thailand eyes Namibia as a new direct supply source for gemstones

Thailand wants to establish resource-rich Namibia as a new supply source of diamonds and gemstones to support its burgeoning jewel making and exporting industry.

A Thai government delegation including executives from Thai Gem & Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA) plans to visit the African state in June to explore that possibility.

The visit is a follow-up to talks last March in Bangkok between Deputy Prime Minister Mingkwan Sangsuwan and Namibian Ambassador to Thailand Neville Melvin Gertze about fostering economic ties between the two countries.

Namibia offers the potential to supply its abundant diamond, gemstones like tourmalines, amethyst, topaz as well as quartz and gold where are needed by Thailand's gems and jewelry industry. Furthermore, the country also offers opportunities in joint venture and partnership in diamond and precious stone mining as well as polishing and jewelry making.

By establishing a direct link, Thailand would be able to source these materials directly from Namibia, rather going through middle-man sources.

"Direct sourcing from Namibia will not only help us to ensure raw material supplies but reducing production costs and thus increase our competitiveness in the global market," CEO of Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, Mr. Somchai Phornchindarak pointed out.

Namibia was identified as one of the new long-term sources of supplies by TGJTA in its supply diversification plan.

During the visit to Namibia, TGJTA plans to invite members of Namibian jewel industry to attend the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair to allow them to see for themselves the magnitude of Thai industry. The attendance will also provide opportunities for Namibian companies to personally interact with local operators on the potential to work together to create a win-win business result.

This could also be the next big step of Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, the world's premiere gems fair organized twice a year on March and September. Since the fair, best-known as the heart of gemstone market, would be the best place where the international buyers to trade directly with the Namibian companies, while the Namibian will have more chance to meet with the manufacturers of their choice.

For their own benefit, the visitors of the upcoming 42 Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, staged during September 11-15, 2008, are urged to regularly update the latest progression of the Thai-Namibia trade relation on www.bangkokgemsfair.com. The visitors can also reach their success by registering now.

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