Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blue Nile sued for Trademark Infringement

Diamond jewelry manufacturer Hearts on Fire has sued online retailer Blue Nile for trademark infringement and unfair competition, Bloomberg reported. The company says Blue Nile is using keywords on the Internet to misdirect those who are searching for Hearts on Fire diamonds.

On the other hand Blue Nile, which isn't an authorized seller of Hearts on Fire diamonds, bought the search term ``hearts on fire'' from, a search engine that searches other search engines, according to the June 20 complaint filed in federal court in Boston.

Searchers who use that phrase end up at the Web site, Boston-based Hearts on Fire said in its court papers.

Hearts on Fire asked the court to order Blue Nile to quit infringing the trademark, and for money damages, including profits relating to the infringement. It also seeks attorney fees.

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