Monday, June 30, 2008

EDiamondselect partners with Rachminov

Fancy-color diamond supplier adds 60,000-plus stones to site
Diamond software solutions provider eDiamondselect has chosen Rachminov Diamonds as the site's exclusive source of natural fancy-color diamonds.

Rachminov offers a wide range of natural fancy-color diamonds from melee to large special stones in an array of colors, including yellow, orange, pink and blue.

The new partnership will give eDiamondselect retailers exclusive online access to one of the most extensive and highest-quality lines of natural fancy-color diamonds available in the industry, eDiamondselect Vice President of Sales David Norman said in a media release.

"As a result of this partnership, eDiamondselect now has more than 25 suppliers providing an inventory of more than 60,000 diamonds on our site," he said.

Since the most recent JCK Las Vegas show and Continental Buying Group Show, eDiamondselect has added more than 40 new retailers to the program, including Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelers, Smythe Jewelers and Topper Jewelers.

The company says eDiamondselect is ideal for both large and small retailers, allowing major jewelers to become more efficient, productive and profitable in their diamond business, and also turning independent retailers into mega diamond sites.

The software can be integrated directly into a retailer's Web site, so that customers can remotely search the store's and suppliers' inventories. Jewelers can also use the software in-store, showing customers an extensive online inventory of diamonds and helping them choose their perfect stone, which can be shipped to the store within 24 hours.

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