Friday, June 13, 2008

Pluczenik Displays High Jewelry in Partnership with Chaumet

At the recent JCK event in Las Vegas, Belgian DTC Sightholder Pluczenik displayed diamond jewelry selections from Chaumet, a prestigious jewelry brand, part of the LVMH group, as part of a partnership the two companies formally announced at the Baselworld show last year.

The partnership was signed with the aim that the two would “work together on supplying exceptional diamonds and developing their activity within the high jewelry segment, by increasing diamond content and especially the use of exceptional stones in Chaumet’s creations, including colored diamonds.”

The pieces displayed at the Vegas show were part of Chaumet’s current collections, including the “Abeille ring” – so called because of its bee shape, a Napoleonic symbol – from Chaumet’s “Catch me, if you love me” collection.

“In a way, Napoleon is our top salesman,” commented Thierry Fritsch, CEO of Chaumet. “That rich historical heritage is an essential ingredient of our brand.” Chaumet is a Paris-based house that first established its reputation as a jeweler to Emperor Napoleon, and whose current collection includes bracelets with love messages inspired by his gifts to Josephine.

The Abeille ring features a 3.45 carat fancy vivid orange diamond, set in yellow gold and white diamonds. The bee can even move its diamond-encrusted wings. It is valued at just under $2 million.

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