Thursday, July 3, 2008

Charles and Colvard launches

New York—Lab-created moissanite source Charles and Colvard is launching a new, interactive Web site,, to help consumers and jewelry retailers understand the unique jewel.

The site, launched during the second quarter, educates consumers about what moissanite is, how it came to be and how it's different from other gemstones. In addition, the site also educates retailers who sell jewelry set with Charles and Colvard-created moissanite.

"The marketing and advertising of gemstones and jewels, particularly on the Internet, can be confusing and, in some cases, misleading to the public," Charles and Colvard Chief Executive Office Bob Thomas said in a media release. "On, consumers will find fully documented information that serves as an excellent tool in helping them identify and truly understand why moissanite is such an amazing jewel." offers the following educational tabs:

A Unique Jewel: Explains the characteristics and science behind the jewel's brilliance, fire, hardness, durability and stability.

Compare Moissanite: Explores the differences between moissanite, diamonds, cubic zirconia and other gemstones.

History: Details the history of silicon carbide and its transformation from its discovery more than 110 years ago into the unique jewel known today as moissanite.

Creating Moissanite: Details the course of turning rough silicon carbide into moissanite jewels, the process of grading and hand-faceting moissanite, as well as identifying the benefits of the company's certificate of authenticity and limited warranty.

Learn more: Frequently asked questions, including a glossary and video answers by world-renowned scientist and gemologist Dr. Kurt Nassau.

For more information about moissanite and Charles and Colvard, visit, or

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