Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lakhi Marketing Patented Diamond Brand Online

Sparklers International DMCC, part of DTC Sightholder Lakhi Group, will use Polygon as a strategic component in marketing their patented diamond brand, Pristine Hearts. The diamonds have a heart that appears to float within the diamond.

It took the company seven years of research to develop the brand, a collection of diamonds that “captures the meaning of true love in all its facets,” the company said in a release, adding that the Pristine Hearts diamond is the only diamond with a true heart shape inside, visible from the crown and the pavilion view.

The cut has 73 facets and each has a unique individual identification number. Lakhi uses J / SI goods and better in sizes of 25 pointers and larger for this line.

Sparklers International DMCC will be using Polygon to reach and locate retailers worldwide to carry the new diamond brand.

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