Wednesday, July 30, 2008

De Beers' Forevermark opens grading labs

Forevermark, a separately managed division of the De Beers Group formerly known as De Beers Group Marketing, announced the opening of the first Forevermark diamond-grading laboratories this week.

The labs, which are located in Antwerp, Belgium, and Maidenhead in the United Kingdom, will grade only diamonds that meet Forevermark standards.

At the same time the diamonds are graded, they will be inscribed with the Forevermark icon and an identification number.

In addition to the opening of the labs, Forevermark announced the launch of a new Web site for Forevermark Diamantaires,

To be considered a Forevemark diamond, stones must be at least 0.18 carat, SI2 clarity, J color and have a cut rated "good."

In a statement, Forevermark Chief Executive Officer Francois Delage called the opening of the labs a "historic moment" for Forevermark.

"We believe that by offering Forevermark diamantaires the opportunity to have their Forevermark diamond accompanied by a Forevermark grading report we are meeting the needs of consumers, jewelers and diamantaires. Forevermark grading laboratories will use the most advanced technologies and offer the highest levels of integrity, consistency and quality," he said.

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